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Named for my daughter and my love of cats, AllieCat Quilts & Crafts came from my passion for creating. Farmhouse chic isn’t just a home decor style, it’s a lifestyle. And I hope you find pieces that speak to you and your chic life.

How do you live a farmhouse chic life?

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Who is behind AllieCat Quilts & Crafts?

Photo of the maker, Karoline

I have always loved crafting; so much of my work is in my home.

Every piece I bring to the shop is a piece I already have somewhere in the house. Making things brings me joy and a sense of peace. Whether it was my dorm room in college or my first apartment, I’ve always made sure to hang curtains, frame photos, and decorate every space. Cozy and “homey” were always the first words people would say when they came into my living space; creating that feeling is what I want to share with you.

Home Decorating

Farmhouse chic isn’t just a home decorating style, it’s a lifestyle. It’s bringing farmhouse decor touches into your home and everyday life. Regardless of your surroundings, you know how to surround yourself with these elements. Small signs, tabletop decor, all natural products. Need some inspiration? Get your inspo with Get the Look.

DIY With Me

Do it Yourself

When people ask how long I’ve been making things, it’s nearly impossible for me to answer. I’ve always been creative and playing around with different materials; even as a kid. But everything in my house started out as a DIY project. That’s why I like to share DIY projects, in the hopes that I can inspire readers to get their creative side out.

Home Adventures

Home Improvement

I also see my home as a big creative project; I swore up and down that I would never live in a raised ranch. And here I am, in my 1977 raised ranch. It’s like a giant canvas, both the inside and outside!

Like a lot of makers during the pandemic, I don’t have a dedicated maker space. I share my home with my spouse, daughter, and two cats. My workshop is any open flat surface that can accommodate whatever project I am currently working on. I use the woodpile out back to hold my boards for measurement, I slice, dice, and chop under the deck, and I use the den floor to glue boards when it’s close to zero degrees outside.

No matter the size of your living space, there is always space for farmhouse home decor!