About AllieCat Quilts & Crafts

Named for my daughter and my love of cats, AllieCat Quilts & Crafts came from my passion for creating. Farmhouse chic isn’t just a home decor style, it’s a lifestyle. And I hope you find pieces that speak to you and your chic life.

Welcome! Every piece I bring to the shop is a piece I already have somewhere in the house. When I am making, the items bring me joy and a sense of peace. Whether it was my dorm room in college or my first apartment, I’ve always made sure to hang curtains, frame photos, and decorate every space. Cozy and “homey” were always the first words people would say when they came into my living space. Because I love that feeling, I want to share it with you.

Like a lot of makers during the pandemic, I don’t have a dedicated maker space. I share my home with my spouse, daughter, and three cats. As such, my workshop was any open flat surface that can accommodate whatever project I am currently working on. I used the woodpile out back to hold my boards for measurement and I slice, dice, and chop under the deck. In the winter, I even used the den floor to glue boards when it’s close to zero degrees outside.

Today, I have a little shed and a lot more tools, but I still use every little bit of space in and out of the house. Winter is still cold and the shed isn’t heated, so you might just find me in the laundry room cutting out Easter bunnies!

All in all, no matter the size of your living space, there is always space for authentic handmade home decor!

In 2022, I launched The Refillery; We’ve been trying to reduce our plastic waste in the house for a while. A lot of things were easy to replace (using towels more often than paper towels or buying BPA-free reusable silicone bags), but others seemed a bit too expensive to maintain, like shampoo. I decided to problem solve in the way I usually do, which is experimenting and re-creating those items myself. I tested these products out in the home and began selling at the local farmer’s market over the summer. Now you can buy shampoos, laundry detergent, cleaning solution, and more through the refillery. And in November 2022 I launched the subscription program, so you never run out of your favorite plastic-free products.