Mid-Summer Gardening: A Check In

As promised, I am updating you all on the traveling home adventure of restoring my mother-in-law’s flower garden. I’ll be honest, I was skeptical that it would be successful. Lavender is very fussy and it was absurdly hot the day I did my heavy pruning. Both activities cause a LOT of stress on plants andContinue reading “Mid-Summer Gardening: A Check In”

Garden Rehab

Welcome to my traveling home adventure! Last weekend was my mother-in-law’s birthday. We spent the weekend with her in Vermont and it was incredibly hot – and it was only May! She’s been in down-sizing mode, so I knew I had to be practical with her gift this year. I decided to tackle the veryContinue reading “Garden Rehab”

DIY Garden Bed

Looking to up your gardening game this summer? Cedar garden beds are the way to go – and they can be easy to create and pretty affordable. Step away from the fancy kit and build your own in a day – for a lot less. Let’s DIY a garden bed! Our backyard is a prettyContinue reading “DIY Garden Bed”

A Good Old Fashioned Tree Planting

Happy Arbor Day! Let’s do some tree planting. Ever since I was a kid, I make a point to plant a tree on Earth Day. This year, my order of trees and shrubs from the Albany County Soil and Water Conservation District wasn’t ready until the day after. We live on an acre of landContinue reading “A Good Old Fashioned Tree Planting”


Welcome to AllieCat Quilts & Crafts, a passion project that has turned into a business. My name is Karoline and I live in Albany, NY with my husband, daughter, and our two cats, Odin and Freya. I’ve always been passionate about building and creating things, whether they are tangible or not. I spend my daysContinue reading “Welcome!”

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