Bathroom decor

Chunky Penguins

Who doesn’t love chunky penguins?! They are adorable and a versatile home decor item; decorate for the winter post-Christmas, add a cute touch to your desk, or decorate a nursery. These are made from 2″ thick pine, stained and sealed. Their flannel scarves are the final touch. Each penguin stands approximately 5″ tall.

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Why I love this product

What is it about chonky animals that just get us to melt? I love how these little penguins look like they are bundled up for a cold winter ahead. I certainly can relate!

These penguins don’t just look chunky, they are chunky. Each one is made from a 2″ thick piece of Douglas Fir, so it’s got a little bit of heft to it. It’s a really solid table top home decor item. And to add to the roundness, I used a curved router bit, so there aren’t any strong angles.