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The Refillery

Welcome to the Refillery

I’ve been aiming to reduce my plastic waste as much as I can, but it never seems to be very easy. Plastic is a great product to contain liquids and preserve perishables. But I am also constantly finding plastic where it just doesn’t seem to need to be. That’s why I started a refillery. A series of products that can help you reduce your plastic, even just a little bit. More and more products are being added to the refillery each week, so come back soon!

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green leafed plant
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Plastic pollution free world is not a choice but a commitment to life – a commitment to the next generation.

Amit Ray

Why I love these products

Reducing our plastic waste doesn’t just reduce emissions, it helps stem the flow of plastic to the landfill. Plastic is becoming less and less recyclable, so finding alternative solutions is the way to go. You can start by shopping for products with zero plastic packaging or containers – including laundry detergent that comes in compostable packaging!