XL Bee Bars

Are you looking for Bumblebee Bars that are a little bigger and last a little longer? Look no further! My XL Bee Bars are made from the same great formula as our traditional Bumblebee Bars – but are twice as big! This is the ultimate large lotion bar. These bars are a full 3 ounces.

Long lasting and delightfully scented with lavender, you can rest easy knowing that there is no plastic waste associated with this product. Check back regularly for seasonal scents!

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Why I love this product

Wow, I love this product for the same reason why I love my other Bumblebee Bars; except this one is twice the size! I keep these in my bathroom for use as an all-over body bar. It fits just right in my hand and it works amazingly for after shower moisturizing. And just like the Bumblebee Bars, the beeswax is the key ingredient to lock in the shea butter to keep skin soft.

Lavender is the ultimate “farmhouse” scent and this large lotion bar is no exception. The beeswax give added warmth to the light scent, courtesy of Woolzie’s pure essential oils.

The packaging for this product is recyclable parchment paper.

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