Wood slice ornament

Wood Slice Ornament

This hand-painted wood slice ornament is an elegant and artistic touch to your holiday tree. Four inches in diameter and .25″ thick, these ornaments are light enough for a real tree.

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Why I love this product

A hand-painted wood slice ornament is a great way to bring a natural element into an artificial tree or enhance the beautiful natural look of your real tree.

What makes them fit in with my farmhouse Christmas decor? It brings a little of the outside in and has a bit of that rustic, worn look found in your classic farmhouse decor. Each ornament is complete with a twine to help it blend in with your tree perfectly. BUT! The white background makes the wreath easy to spot.

These ornaments also make beautiful gifts. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving an ornament with meaning to add to their collection? It certainly makes a Christmas tree – and the decorating of it – all the more special.