wine cork ornaments

Wine Cork Ornaments

A perfect little ornament for the rustic farmhouse Christmas holiday. These wine cork ornaments are made from real recycled wine corks. Each cork is hand cut and finished with red, green, or white holiday ribbons. A foam snowflake and glitter are the finishing touch. When the cork and ribbon blend in with the evergreen, enjoy the look of a small, white snowflake floating in the tree.

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Why I love this product

This ornament fits in perfectly with my Christmas decor. The color and look of cork fits in with the rustic farmhouse look and the jute twine add another rough element to the ornament. A little sparkle on the ornaments add a pop when the lights on the tree hit the wine cork ornaments just right.

These are also the perfect, small gift for the wine lovers in your life. Plus, if you ever find yourself in an office where everyone is all about giving small gifts, Christmas ornaments are perfect. They are small, affordable, and everyone enjoys adding to their tree’s collection. You can’t ever go wrong with handing out ornaments as a way to show your appreciation.