These 6″ x 6″ trivets are hand crafted from oak and black walnut. Buy as a single trivet or as part of a set with my matching cutting boards. Finished in vitamin E oil, these trivets are both functional and beautiful. Use it for your hot dish or as a candle stand on a cozy fall evening.

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Why I love this product

I love how these trivets came out! I recently got ahold of some black walnut and it was a throwaway piece, so I had to cut it down quite a bit to get to the good stuff. What I was left with was one long 1″ squared piece. Some went to the matching cutting board and the rest went into these trivets.

The vitamin E oil that I use on my trivets and cutting boards really make the grain and color pop! It’s food safe, too, so you know it’s right for the kitchen. I keep my trivets handy for both hot pots and dishes, but also as a decorative piece on my kitchen table to hold my scented candles. Nothing is more cozy than my fall candle on top of my striped trivet.

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