Tiered Jewelry Organizer

Keep all of your jewelry out in the open with this three-tiered jewelry organizer. It can be mounted on the wall or placed on your vanity counter top. It holds up to 16 hanging earrings. Use the framed mesh to keep track of your stud earrings while long necklaces hang from the side for extra length. The necklace hooks allow you to easily see and choose from your shorter necklaces. The bracelet holder can be placed on the face or underneath the organizer.

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Why I love this product

As someone with ADHD, object permanence is something I struggle with – out of sight, out of mind. This tiered jewelry organizer was something I created out of necessity; I felt like I was wearing the same 4 or 5 pieces of jewelry every day for work. Plus, my longer necklaces were constantly getting tangled up with each other. I desperately needed a solution.

What I love about this tiered jewelry organizer is its versatility. For a number of years, before our bathroom makeover, it sat on the counter. I knew I wanted to hang it up eventually but it also worked really well on the counter. I finally had a way to keep my necklaces from tangling and I was able to add some new variety to my daily jewelry.

When the bathroom was finally remodeled, I quickly realized that they’re wasn’t a perfect home for it in the new space. I decided to hang it in the bedroom; a space with pretty minimal wall decorations. This was the perfect opportunity to add something to the wall and keep my jewelry up and out of the way of tiny hands and nosy cats. Since then, it’s been the absolute dream I knew it would eventually become. The boards are the perfect width for a small jewelry box for my particularly chunky items and also allow me to have a watch and other bangles that cant be hung up. It’s probably my most favorite organizational item in the home!

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