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Teething Blankets

Teething blankets, or teething-tie blankets, are an excellent enrichment toy for babies. The all-natural teething rings are made from wood and the different sized ribbons help baby with grasping and fine motor skill development. The ultra soft plush back and cute flannel front are comforting. Hand-washing is recommended, but it can be washed in a delicates bag on a delicate setting. Hang dry only.

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Why I love this product

What’s better than a super cozy and warm baby blanket? A miniature one that provides enrichment and helps baby practice important physical skills! We all know that tummy tie is important for developing strong neck and core muscles, and that Jumparoo is great for building leg strength, but don’t forget about those hands!

Fine motor skill skill development should get just as much attention as the large motor skills. It will help baby learn how to use those smaller muscles and eventually be able to grab easily, feed him/herself, and (down the line!) use a pencil or scissors. There are lots of ways to encourage this development and these teething blankets are great for the younger set.

But why wooden teething rings? The Montessori method encourages the use of wooden toys to promote imaginative play. For babies who are teething and just putting things in their mouths (all the time for a long time), wooden toys are just safer; you don’t have to worry about BPA and it’s one less thing made of plastic. If you are new to my shop, it’s important to me to create products with as little plastic as possible and incorporate as many opportunities for recycling and re-use. Wood is the ideal material in this case.