The Main Bathroom Remodel – Part 2

Read part 1 here! Who Doesn’t Love Avocado? If you recall, a couple of weeks ago I shared the story of our avocado green bathroom remodel and the demolition process. Let’s get back to where we were! As a delightful reminder, the before photos: The new plan Since our options for real change were limitedContinue reading “The Main Bathroom Remodel – Part 2”

The Main Bath Remodel – Part 1

Who Doesn’t Love Avocado? I do, but this was a bit much. Welcome to my Avocado Bathroom. Sister to the Harvest Gold bathroom. This main bath remodel wasn’t our physically largest project, but was the most anticipated and *cringe* most expensive one to date. There is a reason why they say bathrooms and kitchens sellContinue reading “The Main Bath Remodel – Part 1”

Strip that down for me

I hate the stairs in my house. Like nearly every bit of wood trim in the house, they were stained a very dark, very dated brown. It’s hard enough to bring natural light into our home, living at the bottom of a hill in the woods. When we first moved in, I attacked nearly everyContinue reading “Strip that down for me”

A Kitchen Spruce Up

The Backstory The kitchen hasn’t been touched yet – but it was time for a kitchen spruce up. When we moved into our home in 2015, it was from a very tiny apartment and so the kitchen felt enormous to me. The new kitchen had about 5 times the counter space (I may have aboutContinue reading “A Kitchen Spruce Up”

DIY Garden Bed

Looking to up your gardening game this summer? Cedar garden beds are the way to go – and they can be easy to create and pretty affordable. Step away from the fancy kit and build your own in a day – for a lot less. Let’s DIY a garden bed! Our backyard is a prettyContinue reading “DIY Garden Bed”

Building the Fire Pit, the Fire Pit Adventure Part 5

Click here for part four We are finally at the pièce de résistance, time to build the DIY fire pit. While the patio might require more skill and patience than the average homeowner may posses (although everyone is capable!) the fire pit itself is easily achievable by anyone. The Stones I chose these stones fromContinue reading “Building the Fire Pit, the Fire Pit Adventure Part 5”

Set in Stone – the Fire Pit Adventure, Part 4

Click here for part three Click here for part five Creating a diy paver patio is the newest learning experience for me as a Weekend Warrior. I’ve seen it enough times on Ask This Old House and YouTube, but this was the final exam. And let me share with you what I did right andContinue reading “Set in Stone – the Fire Pit Adventure, Part 4”

Bringing in the Flagstones – The Fire Pit Adventure, Part 3

Click here for part two Click here for part four This was the exciting week – the patio pavers arrive! There was a lot of hand-wringing on my part when it came to picking the patio materials. I am the type of person that must love an item before purchasing, no matter what. As youContinue reading “Bringing in the Flagstones – The Fire Pit Adventure, Part 3”

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