t-shirt quilt on display

T-Shirt Quilts

Graduation season is upon us and what better way to remember those years in school with a t-shirt quilt? Have a lot of t-shirts from camp or your Greek life days?

This is a great way to remember high school, sports teams, 5ks, concerts, and so much more. A perfect gift for graduation, birthdays, and just because.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

♥ How many shirts do I need?
*Check the sizes available. They list the dimensions and the number of panels required.

♥ What’s a panel?
*Each side of your shirt is a panel. Most of the time, you will probably only want to use one side, so that is one panel. If you want the front and the back, that is two panels.

♥ What size shirts do you work with?
*Generally, I cut the squares to be 12.5″, which is easily cut from adult small-large shirts. If you have other sizes (e.g., larger than large or kids), contact me for more information.

♥ How much does it cost to ship to you?
*The USPS is typically the cheapest option and they have a handy tool to calculate the price based on box dimensions, weight, and distance.

Why I love this product

Besides the obvious reason of doing something with all of those t-shirts, it’s actually the warmest blanket we have in the house. And if you live in the north like we do, winter means piling on the blankets. During Covid, this was my go-to blanket for winter outdoor meet ups with friends. And a t-shirt quilt can be made from anything.

Grab all those baby onsies or the collection of basketball shorts or even dry-fit running shirts. This is a great way to turn memories into your favorite blanket. ♥