Star Garland

Perfect for any special occasion, these star garlands are even more amazing on a Christmas tree or fireplace mantel. Available in multiple colors and lengths, customize your star garland to your taste. Each star is approximately 3″ in diameter and hand cut from quarter inch wood.

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Why I love this product

Part of the rustic, farmhouse look is bringing wooden elements into your home. Think to your ideal old farmhouse – you see wooden floors, beams, and furniture. Now, not all of us live in 19th century farmhouses (bummer!), but we can bring those key elements into our homes either all the time or at special occasions.

The star garland is not just for the Christmas season. Garlands can be used to celebrate other holidays of joy and birthdays. So while these starts look amazing on a real Christmas tree, you can break them out for your New Year’s party, Hanukkah, and Diwali. Stars are a symbol of light in the darkness and what better way to celebrate your festival of light with some twinkling stars of your own.

Customize your garland with a variety of bright, seasonal colors and varying lengths.

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