solid dish soap

Solid Dish Soap

I have been actively trying to reduce my plastic waste where I can. One of the simplest ways is to change from liquid soaps to solid soaps. The first recorded evidence of solid soap dates back to 2800 BC in ancient Babylon. So why mess with a tried and true method? Solid dish soap is the answer to reducing your plastic intake when cleaning.

These cleaning bars are vegan and delightfully citrus. They work great on the dishes, but can also be used to scrub any surface, including countertops and floors. Buy a starter set or get a refill. Subscribe and save membership options available!


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Why I love this Product

There is no need to get fancy here, the simple ingredients in this soap have been around for ages. Limonene is a major component of citrus peels and plant-based surfectants make fantastic bubbles. Stearic acid helps to keep the product extra hard, since it will be regularly near wet places.

This soap is also versatile – use it on your dishes for a sparkling clean result or use it in a bucket and scrub the floors. Thanks to that limonene, the delightful orange scent lasts for a long time and isn’t over powering. Take the next step in reducing your plastic waste with these vegan cleaning bars.