Small Jewelry Organizer

Made from up-cycled wood, this small jewelry organizer is perfect for the smaller spaces in your home. Each organizer holds 10 pairs of hanging earrings and has 12 necklace/bracelet hooks.

Lightweight and easy to hang, it can fit into any small space!

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Why I love this product

I love my larger tiered jewelry organizer, but I’m really in love with it’s baby sister! It’s the ideal size for a smaller apartment or tighter bathroom space. And because it is smaller, you can easily hang it up with strong Command Strips instead of drilling holes in your wall. And for that exact reason, it’s ideal for apartment living – it’s not drilled into the wall so you can easily take it from one place to the next.

The small shelf is also a great spot to keep rings, watches, or other smaller items. At an inch and a half, it is wide enough to hold loose items, but doesn’t stick out too far into your space. After all, just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t do the job!

In an effort to be eco-conscious, these organizers are also made from up-cycled wood: re-used or recycled pieces that have been re-purposed for the organizer.

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