skinny black cats

Skinny Black Cats

There’s nothing more elegant than a skinny black cat. She’s already in her formal wear! Make your Halloween a little more chic with these 10″ tall Skinny Black Cats. The classic cat eyes are made from white gloss vinyl on a flat black “fur”.

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Why I love this product

I adore black cats; our first fur-baby was one. And nothing says Halloween to me than black cat decor. Black cats may bring bad luck in some cultures, but in others they actually bring good luck! And they were considered sacred in Ancient Egypt. Halloween or not, you can keep these kitties out year round.

These Skinny Black Cats are a little more chic than my other black cat decorations. These can be kept indoors or outdoors (made from pressure-treated wood!) and in a variety of living spaces.

Keep them inside by the front door, in the living room on the TV stand, or on the mantle. They are also a great party decoration by the punch. The raffia bow collars also double as the whiskers, adding a touch of whimsy to these curious black kitties. Grab yours while they last!