Reusable Heating Pad

Relieve pain the natural way with a reusable heating pad made from beans and dried lavender. Ease away muscle pain, relieve cramps, and soothe aching joints. Use it over and over again!

Available colors change periodically, so check back often for new patters or designs.

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Why I love this product

Any opportunity to reuse a product I take it. And I try to make as many of my products reusable as possible and reduce waste where I can. I am also a big fan of heat therapy. It really works for me when I have sore muscles that need a little help with stretching. A quick zap in the microwave and I can warm up my neck or shoulder to help with evening stretches. It’s the right size for me when I have cramps and it’s flexible enough to wrap nicely around my knee.

Because I like to use every bit of fabric I have in the house, you may see that the fabric options will change from time to time. A reusable heating pad is a great gift, too!