Dakota Star Tote

The Dakota Star pattern is a simple pattern, usually made from quilter’s scraps. This quilted tote is nice and deep with extra wide handles to carry heavy books (or big bottles of wine!). One-of-a-kind, it’s handmade with love using foundation paper piecing techniques.

It’s not overly huge, however, so you can travel easily without losing smaller things in this tote. You can use it as a purse or travel bag.

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Why I love this product

Quilted totes are a defining feature of farmhouse chic. They always showcase beautiful colors and traditional patterns, such as paisley or flowers.

This quilted tote is different – taking some tradition and mixing it with modern. The bag has bold colors and incorporates lemons in the pattern. The Dakota Star pattern is as old as quilting but the modern colors bring it to the 21st Century. The traditional diamond quilting pattern brings it back to its roots.

I love this bag because it’s deep and versatile. It holds so much! I only wish my Veras were this deep when it came to carrying my school books. ♥ 

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