Provençal Canvas Tote

Nothing says French country farmhouse style like elegant roosters and flowers on a quilted canvas tote. This handmade tote sports pockets on the inside of varying sizes for all of your small items. Fill it to the brim because it fits a lot!

It’s perfect for a work bag or diaper bag- the squared off base allows the bag to stand upright when filled.

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Why I love this product

I have been in love with French-style quilted bags (think Vera Bradley) since college. Back then, everyone had a collection and used them to carry our books. I would wear the handles down to nothing on my bags. That’s why I made these handles from cotton canvas. In addition to the handles, the bottom is made from printed canvas to help combat wear and tear.

And the size of the tote? Perfect. I have gone through the big purse and tiny purse phases and I am all about the big tote. I use one for my work bag, I used one for the diaper bag, and I use them for my groceries.

Grab this canvas tote and just go! ♥ 

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