Porch Pumpkins

Porch pumpkins are the ideal fall and Halloween decoration! For use inside or out, they last longer than real pumpkins. Their size is perfect for your fireplace mantle or a book shelf. Choose from a variety of greetings or stick with a blank pumpkin. Add these to your fall porch decor collection today.

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Why I love this product

I love the fall, it is my very favorite season. The colors, the cooler air, the celebrations – all of it! And what porch isn’t complete with a pumpkin on it? I love my fall porch decor collection. Living in the Northeast, fall can see a variety of weather from heatwave and rain to snow and cold. Actual pumpkins on the porch are always hit or miss – especially after a carving. And the squirrels? Well let’s just say they appreciate the buffet.

These porch pumpkins are perfect for the fall season on my porch because they won’t rot away or get eaten by the squirrels like real pumpkins. They don’t have to be outside, though. They are great on a shelf or the mantle in the den to bring the fall season into the house as well. ♥

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