Plague Doctor – Wash Your Hands

In 1619, if this person showed up, you were in big trouble. Don’t tempt fate, wash your hands! A great conversation piece, especially in your guest bathroom or powder room. A Plague Doctor Sign is the ideal bathroom sign. Funny, spooky, and certainly a talking piece.

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Why I love this product

The idea for this sign started as an inside joke. I honestly can’t even remember how we got talking about plague doctors, but pre-pandemic my friend and I struck up a very random conversation about the Plague Doctors of the 17th century. Less than a year later we were in the midst of a legitimate pandemic and all we could joke about was me creating a sign with a Plague Doctor warning people to wash their hands in order to avoid “ze goot doktor”.

I chuckle every time I make a new Plague Doctor sign and I think about that conversation I had that day and where we are now. It’s become THE bathroom accessory since 2020 and will likely stay popular for the years to come. We don’t want to go back in time, but a little Plague Doctor in your house is still pretty great.