Bowl Cozy

Kitchen decor bowl cozy

Made from 10″x 10″ cotton fabric squares and microwavable batting, this is the bowl cozy you need. Snugly fits a 7″ diameter bowl, but it’s soft and flexible so it can hold smaller sized bowls or Pyrex dishes. Use it right in the microwave so you never have to touch a hot bowl again!

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Why I love this product

I had never heard of a soup or bowl cozy until I was in my mid-30s. While I was at a craft fair, a woman came into my tent looking for “soup cozies”. I knew what a cozy was – as in one for a tea kettle – but I couldn’t even imagine a soup cozy. A quick Google search and knew I had to make these.

They are easy to make, have great patterns, and serve such a great purpose. For nearly my whole life I’ve either burned my fingers on hot bowls or I’ve had to use a kitchen towel to handle my soups. Now I can prepare my oatmeal right in the cozy and pop the entire thing in the microwave. I even saw my spouse using one with the glass storage container with yesterday’s leftovers.

Solid Lotion Bars

xl bee bar

Solid lotion bars are a great way to take that first step in reducing your plastic waste. Each 2.8 ounce bar provides quick and easy moisturizing at home or on the go and the reusable tin is a great place to store your bar. Refill your tin when you are ready with a lotion bar refill – continuing the reduction of your plastic use.

Long lasting and delightfully scented with lavender, you can rest easy knowing that there is no plastic waste associated with this product.

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Why I love this product

Wow, I love this product for the same reason why I love my other Refillery products. I’m reducing my plastic waste without compromising quality. I keep these in my bathroom for use as an all-over body bar. It fits just right in my hand and it works amazingly for after shower moisturizing. The starter kit comes with a travel tin, so you can keep it in your bag for on-the-go needs and you have the option to purchase a refill to keep using that tin over and over again.

Lavender is the ultimate “farmhouse” scent and this large lotion bar is no exception. The beeswax give added warmth to the light scent, courtesy of Woolzie’s pure essential oils. The Cold Remedy scent is one of my new favorites! Don’t go for that plastic bottle of greasy chest congestion lotion (thing: Vicks); instead, use this natural, plastic-free lotion bar with the same great essential oils to help you calm those coughs. Great for kids, too.

Rosemary Bug Balms use natural ingredients to help keep those bugs away, too. Made from an infused oil with herbs from my very own garden, lemon balm, lemon verbena, and rosemary have been used to chase those pesky punkies away for centuries.