Wood Slice Ornament

Wood slice ornament

This hand-painted wood slice ornament is an elegant and artistic touch to your holiday tree. Four inches in diameter and .25″ thick, these ornaments are light enough for a real tree.

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Why I love this product

A hand-painted wood slice ornament is a great way to bring a natural element into an artificial tree or enhance the beautiful natural look of your real tree.

What makes them fit in with my farmhouse Christmas decor? It brings a little of the outside in and has a bit of that rustic, worn look found in your classic farmhouse decor. Each ornament is complete with a twine to help it blend in with your tree perfectly. BUT! The white background makes the wreath easy to spot.

These ornaments also make beautiful gifts. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving an ornament with meaning to add to their collection? It certainly makes a Christmas tree – and the decorating of it – all the more special.

Christmas Card Holder

Christmas Card Holder

A festive and colorful way to display and organize your Christmas and holiday cards! This Christmas card holder is perfect for the fireplace mantle, your entryway table, or your holiday room. Christmas organization can be a challenge, so stay on top of the clutter with a card holder this year.

These also make excellent Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers! Don’t let the clutter of holiday card season take over.

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Why I love this product

If you are like me, you get plenty of holiday cards and then just don’t know what to do with them. I decided a few years ago to incorporate them into my Christmas decor by coming up with a clever display for my cards.

These Christmas card holders are perfect for showing off your favorite holiday cards this season. Spread the holiday cheer around the house and place a holder in a few different locations.

Staying organized can be a challenge on its own – but add in the holidays and things can get out of hand quickly. This is an easy way to stay on top of the Christmas organization. Plus they are a cute and festive addition to any space with or without cards.

My personal favorite is the Merry & Bright card holder. My home typically has an earth-tone or neutral-tone color palette. At Christmas time I get to add a new pop of color around the house to keep things cheery during the gray winter months. The gold text adds a little sparkle and shimmer to my classic farmhouse holiday decor.

I’ve also started to hand these out as Christmas gifts to friends and family. After all, the gift of easy organization is always thoughtful. Grab some today for your stockings!

Christmas Countdown Clock

A new take on the Advent calendar – a real Christmas countdown clock that actually ticks away each day as we get closer and closer to Christmas! Each clock is 18″ in diameter and 1″ thick. Choose from two classic holiday patterns.

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Why I love this product

I have to say, I don’t think I have come across a product like this in any store so far. I’ve seen big countdown “clocks” with a hand that you need to manually move each day, but not one that is battery powered to count the days on its own. This month clock is pretty neat and once you set it, you can forget it! Don’t be surprised by the date on the calendar anymore!

Each Christmas Countdown Clock is hand painted and assembled, assuring that your clock is a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to impress anyone who visits (*ahem* Santa). The numbers are big and easy to read. My daughter loves to come downstairs daily to check how close we are to the big day. Order early so you, too, can enjoy a whole month of Christmas countdown.