Natural Baby Lotion

Baby Bird After Bath natural baby lotion is made for baby’s delicate skin. But don’t let the name fool you, it’s soft on your hands, too.

This hand-poured natural baby lotion made with shea butter, baby oil, and beeswax. The formula is easy to spread but keeps skin moisturized for a long time, thanks to the beeswax.

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Why I love this product

Have you ever used baby oil on your skin after a nice hot shower? It’s no wonder that it’s the ultimate choice for moisturizing your baby – it’s silky, smooth, and leaves your skin incredibly soft.

I developed this formula on accident one day while experimenting with lotion bars. When I poured the mix into my lotion bar molds, they never set. Instead, I was left with a heavenly soft and smooth lotion that was perfect for anyone.

Don’t let the name fool you, this body lotion isn’t just for babies. When my daughter was an itty-bitty baby, we used to give her abbreviated baths in the bathroom sink, in between full-on baths in her baby bath. We called these “bird baths” and it’s the inspiration for my “baby bird after bath” lotion. Enjoy ♥

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