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The Holiday Shop

It’s a Farmhouse Holiday!

There are a multitude of ways to celebrate holidays with a farmhouse flair. The key ingredients are always wood, fabric, and a hand made element. The items in my holiday shop embody this approach. Every item is hand cut, hand painted, and carefully packaged. This is the farmhouse holiday shop!

Be present in all things and thankful for all things

Maya Angelou

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Why I love these products

Any holiday is a perfect opportunity to bring more farmhouse chic into the home. Whether it’s Halloween or Christmas, Easter or Valentine’s Day, adding decorations not only spice up your living environment, but give you more opportunity to bring farmhouse chic into your home.

A farmhouse holiday is full of handmade designs. Made from wood with a rustic feel, they have imperfections to showcase the handmade nature. They certainly don’t look factory made. These ornaments and decorations look like they’ve been passed on year after year with love, and they should be. That is probably why a worn look is also common in the farmhouse holiday shop.