Halloween Bunting

Some folks go for the scary Halloween decorations or the funny ones – I like to go for the sweet farmhouse look. Whether you are decorating your front porch, for a small party, or your classroom desk, these scalloped bunting flags are the perfect farmhouse touch to your next Halloween.

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Why I love this product

For as long as I can remember, Halloween has been my absolute favorite holiday! I mean, what’s not to love? Costumes? Check. Candy? CHECK CHECK! I am always down for a fun Halloween party. And how those parties look have certainly changed over the past few decades, but the one theme that I have settled into has been the farmhouse Halloween.

So what is a farmhouse Halloween? It’s bringing some of the outside indoors, especially if you live in the North. Pumpkins, black cats, and bunting. I introduced bunting into my holiday decor back in Christmas of 2016. I just loved the subtle look of celebration it gave my holiday room (i.e., the den) and so I expanded it to other holidays and birthdays. Instead of the traditional triangle pennant banner, I decided to try a more unique approach – scallops. The result was the sweetest little Halloween bunting ever!

These flags are a perfect fit for so many environments – your living room, outside, a kids party, and your classroom.