Growth Chart Ruler

Growth Chart Ruler

Growth chart rulers are a beautiful way to keep track of your kids height and it comes with you, no matter where you live. Add a monogram of initials or even a name to personalize your growth chart ruler. All rulers are finished with a sealing wax giving it a hand-rubbed look.

Each board is 6 feet in length; standard and monogram boards are 6″ wide and boards with names are 8″ wide and made from poplar.

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Why I love this product

When I was growing up, my parents measured my height out on the deck, against the chimney. My house was built in the 80s and had a wood exterior, including on the chimney. When I was 14 years old, we moved away and other people have had the opportunity to grow up in this house. What I never got to take with us was the measurements that were lovingly recorded on that chimney.

After my daughter was born, I knew that I couldn’t let something like that happen. Of course we assume, even to this day, that we are in our forever home. But you never know the future and I don’t want to have to leave behind such a wonderful memory.

When I make these rulers, I pick out beautiful poplar boards and take a no-rush approach to the process. I know that these items are meant to last a lifetime and I take extra care to condition the wood before staining, carefully routering the ruler marks, and thoroughly protect the wood with wax.

Create a beautiful keepsake for your children and a unique home decor item for any room.