Family Established Block

This Family Established table top sign is the perfect wedding anniversary gift; it’s thoughtful for wedding decor, wedding showers, and housewarming presents for the married couples in your life.

Place the plaque in a place of prominence in your living room, fireplace mantle, or home office. It’s beautifully stained, the monogram letter and established year really pop!

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Why I love this product

The tradition for a 5th year wedding anniversary gift is wood. It sounds like a bizarre gift – what could be a thoughtful wooden gift for someone?

I’ve always loved “established” home decor. What a perfect way to blend the two ideas – a 5th year wedding anniversary gift and a reminder of what brought two people together!

The Family Established block is chunky without being overwhelming; it fits in on a bookshelf or desk. I took extra care to give those edges a sanding for a nice tumbled look.

Because each block is made with a custom stencil and hand painted, the finish is nice and crisp. And let me tell you, there is nothing like finishing one of these blocks when the lines come out clean. ♥ 

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