Distressed Mason Jars

Distressed Mason Jar Vases

Distressed Mason jars are a quaint touch for your living spaces.

The quart-sized jars are the perfect size for your kitchen island for flowers or your wooden spoons.

The pint sizes are ideal for storing brushes, binder clips, and smaller items.

Get creative and use them for special event centerpieces and party favors. Customize with your favorite colors. Each jar is hand distressed and sealed to last.

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Why I love this product

Distressed Mason jars are one of the most versatile and well used items in my house. Talk about a utility tool in the kitchen. They are better than any plastic container in my house.

Leftover chocolate chips? Mason jar!

Simple syrup supply for all-summer long lemonades? Mason jar!

Dried beans? Mason jar!

But did you know they can be transformed into really beautiful home decor pieces? When I pick up sunny flowers from the farmer’s market, I use my quart-sized mason jars as a vase. I use the wide-mouth pint jars for the toothbrushes and my make up brushes. Even my daughter has a mason jar for her paintbrushes.

Looking for centerpieces for a baby shower? Mason jar!

Looking to tie together your farmhouse chic bathroom? Mason jar!

See where I’m going here? ♥