Cutting Board

Whether it’s for chopping veggies or serving charcuterie, these hand cut boards are a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Each cutting board is made from high density wood, ideal for your kitchen needs.

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Why I love this product

I absolutely adore this product. Wooden cutting boards are so versatile; I use them for slicing bread, chopping veggies, and even as a serving platter for snacks or charcuterie. The colors of the wood and the grain just pop with the oil finish, too. It’s such a great accessory for your farmhouse kitchen. Keep one out on the island both for decoration, but also ease of use!

Taking good care of your wood cutting boards is so important. Remember, don’t put them in the dishwasher and don’t soak in the sink. Just a little warm water and a scrub. If you absolutely must use soap, just a tiny bit and dry it off immediately. I use this oil to finish my boards and then I also reapply anytime I need to give the board a rinse or small clean.

Giving a cutting board as a gift is also a great idea. Everyone needs one and to receive one handmade is a special gift.

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