Cedar Garden Stakes

Cedar is an ideal outdoor wood – it’s light, smells great, keeps bugs away, and is rot-resistant. Using cedar garden stakes will help you to identify the plants you are growing and add some quaint whimsy to your patch.

Available for any vegetable, fruit, flower, or herb!

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Why I love this product

Cedar is my absolute favorite wood to work with – especially with pieces that will live outdoors. It’s so fragrant, it’s naturally rot-resistant, and chases bugs away. My garden is often overrun by cucumber beetles and pill bugs; cedar is a great way to fight the good fight by keeping bugs away without bringing in a ton of pesticides.

These garden stakes can also be found in my own garden and are very helpful in reminding me what’s been planted where. If I am planting from seed, then it’s definitely critical to be reminded what I’ve planted. I can’t tell you how many times I wish I had these stakes in the past!

These stakes are also pretty sturdy, so they are easy to hammer into the ground without worry of breaking. Good luck in the garden! ♥ 

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