all natural cat toys

All Natural Cat Toys

Each three-pack of Rainbow Guppies is made from 100% organic catnip, genuine wool, and felt. When your cats are your babies, all natural cat toys are the way to go. In addition to the catnip, the smell of the lanolin in the wool filling will have kitty drooling. Why lanolin? One theory has it that the scent reminds them of their mothers when they were itty bitty. This catnip toy is the perfect gift for kitty’s birthday, gotcha day, and any day.

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Why I love this product

Like all cats, mine can be very particular with their toys. No matter how many mice I buy, Odin only loves his “gray” mouse. Freya loves her watermelon kicker toy. But they both go bonkers over these rainbow guppies. There is something about the size, the smell of the wool, and the crazy catnip that just gets these kitties going.

The cats are so obsessed with these toys that I can’t even make them in the house around them. My catnip supply gets all over the floor, Odin drools on the wool, and Freya attacks the thread (and ultimately ME). This is the ultimate all natural cat toy for your fur-babies. Each and every rainbow fish is hand stitched and made with love – and they are Odin and Freya approved.