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Easter Bunny Decor – Bunny Bums

An adorable take on Easter Bunny decor! Bring these bunnies home today to brighten your front porch, living room, or den. They are the perfect spring holiday decoration.

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Why I love this product

I can’t even remember what made me think of these, but as soon as the idea popped into my head, I knew I had to make them. Easter Bunny decor can sometimes be outrageous and over the top; and if you’ve learned anything from me so far, I like more simple decorations.

Bunnies are a great springtime decoration even if you don’t celebrate Easter. In the gray Northeast, the pop of color also helps remind us all that spring is on its way.

These bunnies are the perfect size for my small front porch. And their size is ideal for the steps, too. Really, you can find a home for them anywhere in and around the house. My daughter is obsessed with moving them all over the place, in and around the house. Some days the bunnies sit on the front stairs, other days they are hiding in the garden. They’ve even made their way inside for playtime.

Knowing that these bunnies are kid magnets, I also made sure to use sturdy plywood so they can hop all around your home. Extra smooth finish and candy sweet colors will have you saying “Hoppy Spring!” to everyone who visits. ♥