Kitchen decor bowl cozy

Bowl Cozy

Made from 10″x 10″ cotton fabric squares and microwavable batting, this is the bowl cozy you need. Snugly fits a 7″ diameter bowl, but it’s soft and flexible so it can hold smaller sized bowls or Pyrex dishes. Use it right in the microwave so you never have to touch a hot bowl again!

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Why I love this product

I had never heard of a soup or bowl cozy until I was in my mid-30s. While I was at a craft fair, a woman came into my tent looking for “soup cozies”. I knew what a cozy was – as in one for a tea kettle – but I couldn’t even imagine a soup cozy. A quick Google search and knew I had to make these.

They are easy to make, have great patterns, and serve such a great purpose. For nearly my whole life I’ve either burned my fingers on hot bowls or I’ve had to use a kitchen towel to handle my soups. Now I can prepare my oatmeal right in the cozy and pop the entire thing in the microwave. I even saw my spouse using one with the glass storage container with yesterday’s leftovers.