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Aromatherapy – Rest & Relax

What is aromatherapy? And why does it fit so well within the farmhouse chic lifestyle? Aromatherapy is classified as a pseudoscience that utilizes aromatic materials to enhance or improve well-being. Essential oils are at the heart of aromatherapy and these oils are derived directly from the plants themselves. I use 100% natural oils and this connection to natural living is what makes aromatherapy align with the farmhouse chic lifestyle.


Herbalism is a religion of nature, representing a balance of head and heart.

Michael Tierra

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Why I love these products

Even if you don’t buy into the healing properties of aromatherapy, these scents are sure to enhance any living space. I know I’ve been conditioned to associate bedtime with lavender! I like my home to have that all-natural smell. As if I spent the day drying flowers or I have the windows open on a fall day.

These smells may just be smells to some people, but to others they have a profound impact on the mood and stress levels. That’s why I choose oil blends that can be appealing to people who use them for therapy or for people who just like good, clean scents.